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Home Blinds & Shutter Tips 5 Reasons To Choose Polycore Shutters For Your Home

5 Reasons To Choose Polycore Shutters For Your Home

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Innovative Window Ware provides excellent window treatment options to homeowners in the Berkely, CA area. One of the most innovative products we offer that our clients love is our line of Polycore Shutters. Since we are the shutter and blinds experts, we recommend that you look into this quality window treatment and why so many love this high-performance shutter. Check out these top 5 reasons to choose Polycore Shutters for your home.

1. Shutter Strength

Faux shutters are known to have weak louvers and frames, especially those cheap ones made overseas. Polycore shutters are made to be durable with superior co-extruded aluminum core construction. Obviously, that’s why they’re called Polycore! They are a solid synthetic shutter made to last for a lifetime of usefulness.

2. Easy Care & Maintenance

All you need to do to clean Polycore shutters is give them a light dusting with a soft cloth or electrostatic duster every so often. To clean a spill, just use a soft, damp cloth to wipe it away.

3. Energy Efficient

Polycore shutters offer high insulation value against heat transference through your home’s windows. The windows are the most vulnerable area of your house for heat loss. With Polycore shutter installation, your HVAC system won’t have to work so hard to heat and cool your home when the shutters are closed. This is a perfect solution for any room with windows facing direct sunlight or northern winter winds.

4. Resists Moisture & Fire

Real wood shutters won’t stand up to moisture like Polycore shutters will. Though our particular wood shutters have a durable finish and quality hardware, the Polycore shutters are water resistant. Additionally, the material is fire retardant.

5. Beautiful & Durable Finish

When you look around at faux wood shutters for your home, be careful about the finish. Not all shutters are made equally, so you want a finish that is durable and resists fading. Shutters from manufacturers like Sunland or Hunter Douglas have a durable finish that stays beautiful for a lifetime. Not only does the baked on waterborne paint finish resist UV damage, it resists scratches and scuffs.

If you are looking for Polycore Shutters in Berkeley or the surrounding areas, please call 510-649-7335 or complete our online request form.