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Home Blinds & Shutter Tips How Shutters Can Save Energy (And Money)

How Shutters Can Save Energy (And Money)

exterior shutters

When they were first created, window shutters were used primarily to block cold winds and warm shutterssunlight, but as modern heating and cooling systems became prevalent, they turned into coverings that are used mainly for decoration.

Take a drive through any neighborhood and you’ll likely find more than a few homes with “traditional” window shutters framing their windows. Usually, they are fixed to the exterior of the house and incapable of opening or closing; they’re used only for aesthetic purposes.

However, window shutters are still able to offer much more to your home than just a great appearance. The shutters that the Berkeley window treatment experts at Innovative Window Ware offer can also help you conserve energy at your home and save you money every month on your heating and cooling costs.

Energy efficient window shutters are rapidly becoming more popular among both builders and homeowners. They’ll help you keep your home’s utility costs low throughout the year, and they’re also an excellent aesthetic addition.

Energy Efficient Interior Shutters

Window shutters are commonly thought of as exterior features, but indoor varieties are an excellent window treatment. They can be a great addition to your Berkeley home’s interior design, and they can also help you boost your home’s energy efficiency.

Interior shutters are mounted inside your home around your window frames, where you’ll be able to control whether they’re open or closed. They can provide you with privacy, insulation, and light control and you decide. They’re especially helpful for energy efficiency during the summer months:

  • Closing the shutters on the eastern or western windows of your during the morning and evening, respectively, can limit the amount of cool air that will escape your home.
  • Closing them will also keep UV rays from seeping into your home.
  • Your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard to maintain cooler temperatures in your home, which means that your cooling costs will be lower while your home remains cool and comfortable.

These window treatments will also make your home’s interior design more attractive, and their classic appearance can work well with any design style.

Exterior Shutters & Energy Efficiency

When properly designed, fitted, and installed, they can be the most effective window insulation systems there are. They can offer a number of great advantages to your Berkeley home, including:

  • Weather Protection
  • Additional Security
  • Reduced Thermal Shock

Exterior shutters can decrease both heat loss and heat gain in your home, so they’re a great way to reduce your energy consumption during the winter and summer months. They are made of wood panels, a vapor barrier, and a decorative covering, so they’ll look great and provide your home with excellent insulation. When they’re fitted to your window frames, they can provide excellent insulation to your windows.

If you’re looking for window shutters in Berkeley, call Innovative Window Ware at 510-649-7335 or complete our online request form.