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Berkeley Polycore Shutters

Berkeley polycore shutters

Sometimes your Window Coverings need a little more substance. Polycore shutters are made from co-extruded aluminum core and coated with waterborne paint which is meant to withstand most climates and weather and still look amazing. Berkeley Polycore Shutters are still very stylish but have the durability of a synthetic material instead of wood. They are ideal for places you usually wouldn’t install shutters in like kitchen, bathroom or even your workshop!

Innovative Window Ware understands the importance of having products that not only look amazing but that last. Installing polycore shutters in locations that are subjected to prolonged moisture or places where they may be easily damaged is an easy an effective way to avoid expensive repair costs down the road. Want to learn more? Our polycore shutter expert would love to talk to you about these wonderful products. Just give us a call!

If you are looking for a Berkeley Polycore Shutters Company then please call 510-649-7335 or complete our online request form.